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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Kaycie Yates video

A Comment on her performance in the two work placements she did.

B Outline the things she should do to improve her employability.

C Suggest possible career paths she could explore in the future.

D Any other information you consider to be appropriate.

Hi Kaycie,
I have just seen the video of your two work placements and I wanted to offer you some advice on your possible future career options.

I realise that life is not always easy. You seem to have had some trouble when you were younger but I think you have proved from this experience that you are capable of success if you put your mind to it. As long as you find something you enjoy, work will not seem like a ‘chore’ and you will be able to pull yourself up, just like your ancestors did. It’s not fair to keep asking your mum to support you if she can’t afford it. Also, your boyfriends won’t be happy if you are always asking them for expensive things. You know from experience now that one day reality has to kick in and you have to make your own opportunities.

The lady in Liverpool is a good example. She was a single mum at 17 with no family to fall back on but she managed to make it by not being afraid of hard work. It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy working in the cafĂ© but, as the lady said: “hard work never killed anybody”. You can’t always have it easy with everything handed to you on a plate.

The next placement seemed much better and Karina was a good role model. She also started off as a pot washer. You have to start somewhere! You did well in the end even though you had to go to hospital in the middle. This is proof that you can succeed if you work hard. Maybe this is the kind of work you could do in the future? It could be glamorous if you are in a swanky hotel. 

Whatever you do, the work placements were a good learning experience so I hope you will learn from them and keep trying to do well in the future.
Best of luck!

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