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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Polite requests - EFL role play

Politeness: embedded questions


Is there any                                                      chance you could open the door?

I don't suppose you could                                 open the door, could you?

Do you think                                                     you could open the door?

Would you mind                                                opening the door, if it's not too much trouble?


Erm, I'm afraid I'm ....


Sure, no problem!

That would be great. Fantastic thanks a lot

Role plays:
You have picked up the wrong bag. It looked the same as yours. You found the person’s number inside. Call them and ask them to meet you.

You have lost your phone on the train. You call it and someone answers. Ask them to return the phone to you.

You work in a shop. You suspect someone of shoplifting. Ask them to empty their pockets.

Your classmate has body odour. You want to tell them but you are afraid of upsetting them. Ask them to buy some soap.

You have invited someone out for dinner but you find out you don’t have enough money to pay the bill. Ask them to pay.

Someone keeps asking you out on a date. Politely ask them to stop asking.

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