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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Example of an informal email from one of my friends

Alright Nath,

How you doing. I am at work but you suddenly popped into my mind so I thought I would drop you a quick note. Emma and I are living in Hollywood again for a bit after moving and today booked our tickets to go to Costa Rica for nearly two months beginning October 12th. We come back to LA on December 5th. Emma is going to study for her TESOL while there and then we are going to do a bit of trekking around the place for a few weeks. I will set up a blog while I am there to keep all informed about how it's all going. Following this I am going to England for 6 months or so to work in Oxford again for a while, so I can pay for this trip and a few other bits that have to be sorted out, and then I think we are going to set out into the world and go and teach English, somewhere around summertime next year. That's the plan. Ideally we want to travel around a lot and see a lot, meanwhile keeping an eye on what else is going on - I just signed to direct another movie but am tired of waiting for people to come up with the money or some other rubbish, so I figured I might as well travel and see the world while waiting for people to sign contracts and the like. That's about it really our kid, I just wanted to get in touch and say alright and see how you bin.

Ideally, we will be coming your way soonish.

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